2019 Greyhound Pride Challenge Raises over $70,000

2019 Greyhound Pride Challenge Raises over $70,000

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WORCESTER, Mass. – Assumption Director of Athletics Jamie Marcoux is pleased to announce that this year's Greyhound Pride Challenge has raised over $70,000 from over 700 individual donors.

The 2019 Greyhound Pride Challenge was a success as a number of teams also exceeded their individual fundraising goal, highlighted by football, women's swimming and diving and women's lacrosse. Men's and women's golf, men's tennis softball and baseball also reached their fundraising goals.

In addition to a number of teams reaching their respective financial goal, ten different programs went "All In", meaning every player and coach made a donation during the Pride Challenge. For going "All In" each program earned extra $300. The programs who went all in were: men's and women's golf, men's and women's lacrosse, women's basketball, ice hockey, rowing, volleyball, softball and women's swimming and diving. Click below to view the complete list of fundraising totals for each program.

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