EEE Game Change Updates

There is heightened awareness of the risk of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), an illness transmitted by mosquitos, in the Central Massachusetts area, including Worcester. The city has recommended that all outdoor activities cease at dusk "until the first hard frost of the fall." Effective immediately, College leadership has decided to follow the recommendation of the city in an effort to reduce risk to our students.

Mosquitos are most active during the dusk and dawn periods of the day, therefore athletic schedules ? practice and games ? will be adjusted accordingly, including intramurals. Indoor spaces will be used for practices and preparation. Please know that developing a new competition and practice schedule will take some time to complete; toward that end, your patience is appreciated. New schedules will be developed with students' academic responsibilities as a priority.

The following game changes have been made:

Women's Soccer

Friday, September 13th: start time moved to 3:30 PM

Wednesday, September 18th: start time moved to 3:30 PM

Tuesday, September 24th: start time moved to 4:00 PM

Men's Soccer

Wednesday, September 25th: start time moved to 4:00 PM

Field Hockey

Wednesday, September 25th: start time moved to 1:00 PM


Saturday, September 14th: start time moved to 12:00 PM