2018 Greyhound Pride Challenge!



This year's Pride Challenge features thousands of dollars of team incentives to help push programs to increase their fundraising totals. Additionally, every program has a chance to earn $300 if they receive 100% participation from the entire team. 


In the first two years we've raised over $200,000 in the Greyhound Pride Challenge from over 1,200 donors. This year the athletic department's goal is to raise $100,000 dollars for the Pride Challenge from over 800 donors, and similar to last year all money raised by a team goes specifically to that program and its needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Donate?
- You will have the ability to donate over the phone when you are contacted by a member of one of our intercollegiate athletic programs during the challenge, which runs from February 23-25.

What If I Make My Donation Now?
- All donations made now will count towards the challenge. You can show your support at any time from Feb. 19 - Mar. 5  as gifts will be accepted online at the link above.

2017 Pride Challenge Recap